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” 16 years” taught me something. The times are changing and this isn’t necessarily always something bad. It’s just the law of being. It’s life. And wow, how good it is to realize that! And what a relief!


There’s nothing bad that kids listen to music we don’t understand, that they laughat other jokes, that they dance away the night we sleep embraced but still enjoying lovely afternoons together. Do you realize how our parents couldn’t understand us either? And maybe how hard it was for them to accept everything we are trying to understand now? Some probably are even still trying now. .


Life begins ever since your spirit decides to come into the world. When your are young, you’re serene and pure, you chase butterflies with sun in your hair; you grow up and butterflies flap their wings in your stomach, you have fun and the sun shines through your smile; years later the butterflies fly in your soul and the sun shines from your eyes, you seek and accept your roots, you search balance and make peace with yourself. What’s there to come next? Let’s live the moments one of a time and accept life with an open soul. And we shall see..


So what’s the connection of the passing of the generations with cheese? Well, probably at 16 the favorite food are french fries and a pizza shared with friends. Now, our comfortably delicious afternoon  food enjoyment changed into the decadent combination of cheese, walnuts and honey next to a glass of wine. And with him. With friends I still like to share my pizza.  🙂


And hey, ” 16 years “, if you read this, you should know that reciprocity should be a real deal here. The understanding would better come from both sides.

And whatever times may come, this music holds my soul.