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I tend to find something to do in the kitchen, for the love of cooking or of craving for something good. And as I’ve just bought some fresh goat milk, sweet and good, I’ve thought of how I should use it in a delicious and cooling dessert, which should eventually incorporate the fruits I had left in house (bananas and raspberries).

So panna cotta came to my mind and after a quick inspiration tour on David Lebovitz’s website I’ve decided to reinterpret the recipe he presented. So I’ve put my inspiration to work, I’ve created a mental sketch, gathered my ingredients and started the alchemy.

Panna cotta is a surprisingly easy to make dessert but delicious and flavored. But because it requires a waiting time of a few hours, it can’t be served right away. So the greedy one will go around the fridge waiting for it. And I know at least one person around here.

Sometimes I have the habit of stepping away from the original recipe and modifying it following a vision closer to my taste. I like to feel the fresh aromas of the fruit, I avoid using large quantities of sugar reducing them substantially to the original recipe and I love when a dessert requires a simple preparation. And all of this for the love of all things natural and healthy.

The panna cotta recipe and procedures follow the original from David Lebovitz’s website, as I’ve mentioned, but the later changes belong to me. Of course I get excited when working out a new recipe but I’ve stopped fearing to experiment. This is how it went with panna cotta also.

And as this will be my first article published on the blog, please be gentle with me, correct me where you think I am wrong and please, do share with me from your experience, if you shall be so kind.

Today I’ve received the kick I needed to start posting my recipes on this new blog, that was awaiting me for a such a long time. So, at the request of an Instagram sweet Madame : ) I put myself to good work and wrote the recipe here. Hope it’s put in good use and will be enjoyed be others too. If curious of reading the entire article you have to use google translate.

Banana Panna Cotta with raspberry sauce

*Inspired by an original recipe by David Lebovitz

– yields 6 portions –


For the Panna Cotta

350 ml cream
150 ml milk
1 spoon of honey
1 well ripped mashed banana
1 gelatin pack
50 ml water

For the sauce

1/2 cup of raspberry
1 or 2 spoons of honey (depending how sweet you prefer)


First disolve the gelatin in water in a bowl. Leave it for 5-10 min, but no more. in the meanwhile, pour the cream and milk in a saucepan and put them on stove to heaten but be carefull not to boil. Towards the end add the honey, slowly mixing to disolve it.
Pour the warm milk mix over the gelatin, whisking easily. Add the mashed banana and whisk well to combine the ingredients. If the ingredients have chilled in the meanwhile you can heat them slightly on the stove, mixing slowly. Divide the panna cotta mixture between the prepared cups . If you wish to serve it unmolded you should oil slightly the cups first.
Allow the mixture to cool at room temperature for a couple of minutes, then cover with plastic foil and refrigerate for a couple of hours until firm.
When panna cotta is almost ready make the sauce from raspberry and honey, by easily smashing the raspberry to release the juice but still keeping few fruits whole. Add a spoon or two of sauce to the cups and serve.

Like the sweet life ( La dolce vita! ) , share it and enjoy it with the loved one. As what is made out of love must give back love.